Health Insurance


We provide Affordable Group Health Insurance Plans for Small Businesses. Your small business deserves more from it’s broker than an email at renewal time. Let Modern Benefits show you how service and trust with our clients help create lasting relationships. Our clients appreciate our direct and honest answers as we counsel them on requirements, coverage options and costs to provide health, dental & vision, life and disability benefits to their employees. Our goal is to help you use your benefit plans to hire and retain the best workforce possible, so that you are profitable. At renewal time we make sure our groups understand any changes and discuss with them what alternatives may be available.

Our goal is to “quiet the noise” for the HR department when administering the benefit plans. Your employees will always have direct access to us, and they will appreciate how they are treated. We’ll interact with the carriers on your behalf to save you time, and we’ll give you the tools you need to be in compliance. We ensure new employees understand their benefit options and assist them in special enrollments.

We take the time to meet with all of our groups regularly, no matter the size. We advocate for our members in claims issues and alleviate some of the burden of dealing with the insurance company. Contact us directly for quick and confidential help resolving claims and coverage issues and questions.


Transitioning from Employer health coverage to Medicare is confusing. Seniors appreciate how we meet face to face with them to understand how to enroll in Medicare, how to get the best Part D prescription plan, and how to pay the expenses Medicare doesn’t cover.